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Psychological Therapy - The Vantage Point Philosophy

What is the Vantage Point Approach?

  • The type of therapy offered at Vantage Point Psychology is focused first and foremost on hearing and deeply understanding.
  • Different approaches are selected to suit the individual rather than a “one size fits all approach”.
  • Vantage Point Psychology is committed to providing compassionate assistance to those who are seeking help. Any person who seeks change and the assistance of a therapist has already demonstrated their courage and strength and should be applauded for entering a process of change and growth.

Why see a Psychologist?

  • The relationship you have with your psychologist is a unique one. Friends and family are not always helpful when they try to offer assistance. A psychologist can hear your concerns and give you feedback about your situation without being influenced by their personal involvement with your life.
  • You can share things in a safe environment knowing what you talk about is confidential.
  • Clinical Psychologists have at least six years of university training and are registered professionals that are required to adhere to a specific code of ethics.
  • You can see an experienced clinical psychologist free of charge – for those covered by Medicare. Vantage Point Psychology bulk bills so if you have a doctor’s referral and are covered by medicare you can see a clinical psychologist for twelve sessions per calendar year free of charge.

What is Therapy?

  • Psychological therapy is a powerful process that has the potential to change peoples’ lives in significant and lasting ways.
  • Usually therapy involves meeting on a weekly basis with your psychologist for about fifty minutes and talking over your concerns.
  • People talk about their feelings and thoughts about themselves, other people and things that are happening in their life. Sometimes you may be asked to complete some questionnaires or complete some activities outside of the therapy session time.